Hydraulic pump for rescue equipment

Hydraulic pump for rescue equipment

Hydraulic equipment is of vital importance to fire service rescue operations; for example, to cut open crashed cars and free trapped victims.

Spark, in association with Holmatro Rescue Equipment, has developed a small silent pump that runs on petrol and produces hydraulic pressure to control, among other things, the hydraulic cutters and spreaders.

Extremely silent

The Holmatro SPU 16 PC is making new strides in the market for hydraulic high pressure pumps; it is more compact, lighter and quieter. In a rescue situation it is essential for the victim and the rescue worker that the pump is silent in terms of both communication and the well-being of the victim.

The coupling mechanism for the hydraulic tools and the controls are grouped together for ease of use. LED lights on the connection point for the tools also guarantees an optimum and fast work pace in the dark. The Holmatro brand image is strengthened by the distinctive use of colour and the powerful visual design of the pump.

ECO mode

Thanks to the low weight (16.7 kg) and the ergonomic design, the pump can be safely carried by one person. The default setting for the pump is the ECO mode; the electronic engine control immediately switches back to the idle position when the tools are not in use. This minimises fuel consumption, noise and emissions. The plastic casing is easily removed and recyclable.

Spark and Holmatro received a GIO award 2010 for the SPU 16 PC silent pump.