Explosion proof control module

Explosion proof control module

Spark, together with Honeywell Enraf, has developed an intelligent explosion proof control module for equipment used in the blending and distributing of fuels and additives. The product meets the highest global safety standards and can be flexibly applied using the modular hardware.

Thanks to the user friendly interface, the system is quick and safe to calibrate and operate.

Corporate identity

The design of the Fusion4 Minipak raises the quality of the entire fuel and additives blending and distribution system and reinforces the brand identity and recognition by the customer. It is the first modern, easy to operate, graphic user interface to be introduced onto the conventional market. The combination of the 'Stream Controller' with its display and the 'Local Access Device' control unit ensures faster, safer and more efficient use.

Modular electronics

The design of the Fusion4 control module means that with considerably fewer products and parts more appropriate solutions can be offered to the market. What's more, not only has the assembly of the electronics and the cabling in the factory been simplified, but also the installation in the field.

Explosion proof

The designers have succeeded in developing an innovative product that conforms to the crucial but complex set of explosives safety requirements. This includes, among other things, the aluminium casing, which can accommodate internal gas explosions. Furthermore, this material is highly recyclable. The plastic control unit means that the operation of the Fusion4 by authorised users is safe and enjoyable, while the choice of materials and minimal energy consumption creates an explosion proof solution.

Spark and Honeywell Enraf received an iF Award 2012 and a GIO Award 2010 for the Fusion4 Minipak.