Ort-O-Mate support sock remover

Ort-O-Mate support sock remover

Support stockings are worn mostly by elderly ladies and pregnant women. And they can find stooping down a challenge. The Ort-O-Mate is a motorized aid for removing support stockings.

Its a great invention. But, as an inventor, how do you market a completely new product? How do you find a manufacturer? How do you protect you idea? How do you reach your target group? Spark made sure it was all taken care of. For this particular product we developed a series of test prototypes of the Ort-O-Mate first before going ahead with the final design. But we also:

 arranged funding
 oversaw the patent application
 produced the necessary drawings
 contacted producers
 organised the marketing
 sourced distribution channels

In brief: we provided global project management for our client.