Enraf SmartRadar level gauge

Enraf SmartRadar level gauge

It goes without saying that the measuring apparatus for the oil and gas industry that we have developed for and with Enraf, is extremely reliable and super safe. It meets the rigorous demands in the area of explosives safety, worldwide.

Brand identity

But these technical products are also an important carrier of Enraf's ‘brand identity' - a calling card for the rest of the world. They have to communicate what Enraf stands for: Innovation. Reliability. High tech.

The visual impression made by the products is integral to conveying the message that it is a really good microwave radar, with advanced software algorithms and with an excellent service. In doing so, the underlying qualities of the product will also be able to be appreciated by the client.

Timeless class

Strategic sessions with the management team allowed Spark to determine what the desired positioning of the Enraf products should be. With an eye on the future, and an eye on the competition.

Following on from this, the direction of the design could be defined, forming a basis for all the products in the new line. Robust and reliable. But also cutting edge and high tech.

We devoted just as much attention to the appearance of the SmartLink, SmartRadar and SmartView as we do on a product destined for someone's living room. The result? A design for 2007 but with a timeless class.