Xpozer innovative image-hanging system

Xpozer innovative image-hanging system

In association with Spark, Xpozer has developed an innovative and extremely user-friendly system for hanging large-format images without a visible frame. The Xpozer system gives a beautiful and professional effect, as if the image is floating on the wall.


The image is printed on high-quality plastic, with four plastic hooks on the back. This invisible fixture is made up of three aluminium profiles. Two of these have rotating clamps, the third pushes them apart and pulls the image beautifully tight. This seemingly simple effect is only possible due to the sophisticated power distribution across the four hooks. The stretched image can then be simply fixed to the wall.

Infinite re-use

Xpozer offers maximum impact with a minimum of materials. Unlike ordinary frames there is no use of heavy glass, only easily recyclable aluminium and plastic. What's more, the Xpozer system can be used again and again to hang different pictures - it only takes a minute to hang up a new image.