Meet Gert and Petra!

Meet Gert and Petra!

We’ve had two new colleagues here for a few months now, who we haven’t yet introduced. How rude! High time for us to learn some manners and to introduce these two Sparkers, or – rather – to give them the opportunity to introduce themselves to you. Neither of them are short of things to say, so it won’t be a problem. Here, then, are Petra en Gert!

14 novembro 2018

Gert Maass

 “I’ve been working as an industrial designer for Spark since the end of March. Before that, I did several things. For example, I worked for four years in China developing, among other things, a lightweight catering trolley for aviation, constructed from composites. I was responsible for the design and for starting up production. It was a great time in which I gained a lot of material knowledge and learned how to motivate people. In addition, I was able to work pragmatically, something that always appeals to me.

 It gives me a kick when I can combine form and function and help progress projects with workable, seemingly simple solutions. These are often the hardest to come up with. In that respect, I am at the right place with Spark. My knowledge of the series production of products comes in handy here when it comes to achievable ideas and concepts.

 What I really like is to see how different specializations come together in the studio and forces are combined to achieve ground-breaking innovations. And coincidence or not, I am working on an innovative aviation product again now!” 

Petra van der Schoor

“It may be the case that we’ve already talked to each other on the telephone. Since January, I’ve been working at Spark’s secretariat. I work together with Renske Nobel and Sjoukje Versloot. Incidentally, I do more than just pick up the phone. For example, I maintain external contacts and I help colleagues with various administrative tasks. And that’s going very well. I like making people happy! 

Before I came to work at Spark, I was a hostess in the temporary sector. I see what I do now as a great step forward. Spark is more personal and smaller and I think it’s really cool to work in a close team. It clicked with colleagues from the start. Maybe that’s because I find the work so interesting... I already stand in the DIY store amazed by all the different screws, each with its own application, but here at Spark, you really see what you can achieve with smart technology.”