LEA Care Robot


As is often the case with innovations, the idea for the LEA care robot was also the result of close cooperation, having a common goal, and thinking and looking one step ahead. Together with TU Delft and Robot Care Systems we looked at the existing zimmer frame and we saw a new one: one that not only provided support when walking and carrying a shopping bag, but really offered active care. A care robot, equipped with advance technology that is discretely available to the user and not too prominent.

LEA in gebruik

Integral design

Remi Veenman was the project leader for Spark. “LEA is a good example of how we approach an integral design,” he explains. “It is important that the large amount of technology in the care robot doesn’t deter the user. What’s more, everything has to be in the right place and fit the needs of the user well. That also has an impact on the design.” The integral approach, in which Spark takes into account all relevant aspects, such as ease of use, functionality, and design, is reflected in several ways in the final result.


Spark logo