New Honeywell Enraf app available

New Honeywell Enraf app available

From today, Honeywell Enraf’s digital interactive product portfolio viewer is available for download from the iTunes App Store. Spark developed the iPad app that allows you to view Honeywell Enraf’s complete product portfolio simply and intuitively.

June 7, 2012

The interactive app is a real breakthrough in the relatively traditional market of the petrochemical industry that Honeywell Enraf operates in. Until now, trade fairs have primarily shown physical products. This contrasts with the possibilities that the new iPad app offers to present all product information digitally and interactively.

By making use of the iPad in combination with a large screen or television, representatives at the trade fairs can use the intuitive app to visually reinforce their story in a state of the art way.

Do you have an iPad and are you interested in Honeywell Enraf’s portfolio? Download the app here.

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