Optelec introduces the revolutionary ALVA BC640 Braille Controller

November 1, 2006

This month, Optelec’s ALVA BC640 was received by the market with applause. This braille controller is ultra flat, extremely compact and has a quite expressive design for this market.


Spark was responsible for the complete development process, including the development of new, high quality and very compact braille cells. The challenge was to use the available space as efficient as possible and to expand the functionality. The result is the world’s most compact and most user friendly braille controller.

alva-bc640 front

The placement of the function keys under the braille characters is unique and makes the braille controller very user friendly and easy to use. This enables effortless reading and smart navigation for braille users.
The braille controller connects to a PC via a USB connection or integrated Bluetooth. The text on the computer display will dynamically be generated on the braille reading line. The ALVA BC640 can also be extended with a feature pack. This gives the user the possibility to type braille and listen to computer generated speech.

For more information see www.optelec.nl