Euro Championship Foosball Tournament 2012

May 22, 2012

Espresso bar Lungo organised a vibrant Euro Foosball Championships on the 11th of May and as a seasoned foosball club, of course, Spark was there. Fourteen teams from various offices in the Rotterdamarea participated in the tournament. Each team had signed up as one of the countries taking part in the 2012 European Football Championships. 

Spark was represented by two teams: ‘Poland’ and ‘Ukraine’, in the form of Koos & Erik and Bart & Evarn. In addition, Spain and Italy (Trilab), Denmark and Congo (SSI), the Netherlands and England (Mindbus), Sweden and Russia (Zicht), and Germany and Greece (Horizon Creative) participated. Lungo played for our southern neighbours ‘The Red Devils’.

Dressed in pimped up outfits in the colours of the relevant national flag, the teams went on the attack. The level was high. Despite the encouragement from the Spark supporters, there wasn’t much to celebrate. In the quarter finals, Poland and Ukraine tasted defeat and Denmark went through to win.

The Spark ambassador that did reach the glorious final - to much applause - was the white ‘German Meister’… the foosball tablet that Spark had brought along for the occasion.

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Spark bij Foosballtoernooi Lungo Rotterdam