Won: Two Good Industrial Design recognitions

October 24, 2011

This year Spark has hauled in two Good Industrial Design awards. For us, this renowned design award is a wonderful appreciation of Spark's ‘True Innovation' design philosophy: making a difference through meaningful product innovation.

The ski-box connector iZi2Connect and the EasyScan, a patient-friendly eye scanner were successful. The special awards ceremony for the GIO 2011 took place on Tuesday 25th October during the Dutch Design Week in Eindhoven.

Quick, efficient and patient-friendly
EasyScanThe i-Optics EasyScan uses gossamer-fine laser technology to make unprecedented sharp photos of the retina. What's more, unlike other eye scanners there's no need to use eye drops. As a result, eye tests are quicker, more efficient and more patient-friendly.
Spark has ensured that power, quality and precision are manifest in the design. Among others, the camera that emerges from the scanner's housing, the base plate details with LED indicators, the joystick for infinite adjustments in three dimensions and the graphics and colour accents radiate robustness and precision.

Simple and secure
Spark designed the iZi2 connector from scratch for HTS Packline: a connector thatDakkoffer klem secures ski-boxes quickly and simply onto the roof rack of a car.

The iZi2Connect is very compact and contains no loose parts. As a result, there is little loss of space and the ski-box clamp is very simple to use. Intensive crash tests indicate that the connector will stay securely in place even in the case of large mechanical impacts.