GIOs for the Corrector G2 and the Cool-One™

GIOs for the Corrector G2 and the Cool-One™

Imagine an independent jury that understands the issues and looks at what you’ve done and says: “Good work!” That’s what makes winning a Good Industrial Design award so special and winning two GIOs, twice as special. Especiallysince in both cases it concerns a product in the health sector: the Corrector G2 from ZiuZ and the Cool-One™ from Meds2Go.

October 31, 2019

Peace of mind

The Cool-One™ medicine container keeps temperature-sensitive medicine at the required low temperature for a longer period, giving the user peace of mind on long journeys. The Corrector G2 helps the pharmacy employee to take verification photographs of the contents of medicine bags faster, easier, and, above all, more reliably. In both cases, confirmation for the user that everything is working as it should has become an essential ingredient in the design.


In addition, a common denominator in these projects is cooperation with the respective clients. Transparent, open and with a common goal: the best possible product. When this is then rewarded with an acknowledgement for Good Industrial Design (GIO), then we can all share in that great success.

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