On Friday 10 March, this year’s prestigious iF Design Awards were presented during a celebratory Award’s Night. We were the recipients of two awards together with our clients Holmatro and ZiuZ Medical.

March 17, 2017

Medical and industrial winners

De 5000 series spreaders won an iF Award in the Industry/Skilled Trades category. The award-winning product line of hydraulic spreaders for rescue workers was developed by Holmatro and Spark. And as if that wasn’t enough, ZiuZ Medical’s IRIS was presented with an iF Gold Award in the Medicine/ Health/ Care category! Spark provided an integral product design for this medical scanning device for pre-packed medicine pouches, based on ZiuZ technology.

“It’s fantastic! Holmatro’s and ZiuZ’s enthusiasm and pride for the products that they have achieved with Spark … it’s wonderful!”
– Maarten Wilming





Industry & Skilled Trades

The combination of design and significantly reduced weight, without compromising on performance, convinced the jury to reward the spreaders with an iF Award. Holmatro’s 5000 spreaders are lighter than previous generations. By cleverly integrating components, rescue workers can operate the spreaders more accurately.

Health – without compromise

ZiuZ’s solutions check the contents of automatically dispensed medicine pouches based on a wide range of parameters, such as shape, colour and size. According to the iF Award jury, this yielded a prizeworthy result: “IRIS fulfils all the requirements for an ultra-precise medical product: high quality materials, good branding, an excellent colour- and surface finish and high usability. The countless well-considered details convinced the jury that the ZiuZ Medical – IRIS is an extremely professional device that was developed without compromise.”