Smart cushion makes top three in the Herman Wijffels Innovation Awards

November 4, 2011

The Intelligent Personal Anti Decubitus Device (I-PADD) has won third prize in the 10th edition of the Herman Wijffels Innovation Awards 2011. We are proud that the I-PADD is among the top three of almost 500 entries!

ipadd antidecubitus kussenThe high tech cushion, which prevents pressure sores and ulcers caused by prolonged sitting, has been developed by Hans Voorwinde, Wim Tinke and Spark, in cooperation with Delft University of Technology and the Erasmus Medical Centre Rotterdam. The jury's recognition of the I-PADD was motivated by the fact that it is a preventative acting cushion that defends against the suffering and complications that can occur with ulcers. In addition, existing Dutch knowledge was put to good use in the development of the I-PADD.

In particular, the jury found the cooperation between healthcare and technology of greatHerman Wijffels Innovatieprijs value. ‘Prevention is a focus for the health sector as it not only prevents suffering, but can also save costs. In the year 2011, society must also continue to promote knowledge and skills for social aims'.