Mums race their Big Babboe for a good cause

June 2, 2009

Fifty mums and their kids worked up a sweat for a good cause last Sunday during the ‘Viva Mama ‘Bakfiets' Race in Amsterdam's Vondel Park. They sped through the park on a Big Babboe, the extremely successful cargo bike developed by Spark.Big Babboe at the Viva Mama Race

Logistics innovation
Two choices which we made during the design process are the basis for Babboe's success: producing it in Asia and delivering it as a flat-pack (low transport costs!) to the consumer. In doing so we could come up with a selling-price that was music to the consumers' ears! Full-blooded logistics innovation!

Happy Orange Babies
The proceeds of the Viva Mama 'Bakfiets' Race go to Orange Babies, a foundation which helps pregnant African women with HIV and their babies.
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