Meet the family!

Meet the family!

Spark has been designing products since 1992. Years of experience not only result in interesting products, but also product names. Looking back, we realized that we’ve collected a wonderful series of names over the years. Meet the Spark family, we’d like to introduce you to: Felix, Sam, Lea, Henk, Iris, Toon and the youngest member of the family, Anne!

April 13, 2017

What’s in a name?

The name FELIX stands for happiness and success. And he’s certainly brought us that: we won a European Product Design Award with the FELIX Pro 3D printer.

The name of security robot SAM is an acronym of: Safe, Autonomous, Mobile. As the security guard of the future, SAM functions autonomously, just like a human security guard.

The care robot LEA (Lean Elderly Assistant) is defining elderly care of the future. Robot technology for smart support in the daily lives of this target group.

Have you got a trip coming up? Then HENK is your ideal travel companion: a suitcase of the highest possible quality. His name is an abbreviation of the unambiguous: ‘high-end koffer’ (koffer is the Dutch for suitcase). Or was it the name of the client…?

Ziuz Medical’s medicine pouch scanner provides care with a keen eye. Hence, a name with a nod to its function. Meet IRIS.

In 2013, we won a GIO award with Eneco’s Toon®: a revolutionary thermostat that gives consumers a clear picture of their energy consumption and costs for the first time.

For us, the trend towards smart city solutions is irreversible. Recently, we introduced Anne: a fixture for smart street lighting. This future-focused solution can, for example, be extended with a number of sensors to turn it into a real “smart city hub”.