New colleagues Karien and Peter

New colleagues Karien and Peter

One decided to apply straight away because the job description was sufficiently vague and the other one because he thought his complete lack of technological understanding would serve as a fine addition to an innovative company… We sure know how to pick them here at Spark. Let us introduce them to you!

February 15, 2019

Karien Sueters

“The position that you are looking for someone for, what exactly does that involve?”

“We don’t know exactly yet.”

“Great! I’d like to apply.”

This dialogue describes in a nutshell how Karien Sueters (pronounced: Suuters) ended up at Spark. Officially as a management assistant, but then a management assistant with a difficult portfolio. “I’m here to ensure the continuity of operations, and also that all the issues that the management is involved with are executed smoothly. That means, among other things, a lot of coordinating tasks: from recruitment and selection, to legal affairs and action points. But, for example, it is also everything to do with insurances and matters that have to do with laws and regulations.”

In her previous job, Karien worked as a programme coordinator for Nyenrode. Whereas there she worked exclusively on one training programme, at Spark there are dozens of projects on the go at any given moment. That is the challenge that appeals to her. “That’s where my strength lies: being able to see through that tangle, seeing the connections, and then streamlining the organization behind these projects. In addition, it appeals to my creative side and not only because I am a sculptor. It also interested in creating something here. Establishing a framework that will make everything run more smoothly.”

Peter Oostra

“Precisely because I don’t understand any of it, I am the right person to explain it clearly.” Peter Oostra is not technically educated and therefore feels right at home as Spark’s new copywriter. “Technology fascinates me. Definitely. Already from childhood. Perhaps its because I just don’t get ‘it’. I always miss that last step that makes everything clear. But, as a result, I know exactly the right questions to ask and also how to explain it to the next layman.”

That’s good, because, among other things, Peter will be involved in writing copy that explains Spark’s projects clearly and legibly. “Today, for example, I’ve made a start on a project text about an electron microscopes. Before I went to see the project leader for an explanation, I did some research on Wikipedia. The consequence is that I now understand even less about electron microscopes than I did half an hour ago, but I am better informed about what questions to ask. And that is what is so great about Spark, that everyone likes to talk about his or her project and has patience for the technically disadvantaged.” Yes. Up to now…