A fast and simple way to get onto the ice

A fast and simple way to get onto the ice

Have you ever wondered about just walking onto a frozen ditch and, in one movement, clicking on your blades and skating off? Well, with the skates developed by Spark for the traditional Frisian skatebrand Nooitgedagt it’s now possible!

March 27, 2013

Handy ‘click-on’ system

As soon as it freezes and the ice is thick enough, everyone in the Netherlands is itching to pull on their skates. With the new click-on skates from Nooitgedagt that has just become a whole lot easier. Put on your skating shoes at home and once you arrive at the ice just click on the blades underneath. It’s easy and it’s fast thanks to the handy ‘click-on’ mechanism. And, if you need to walk a bit with your skates on? Simply grab the irons from under your shoes and pass by all the other skaters tottering along on their blades. Once you’re back on the ice again, you can click on your blades just as easily standing up and carry on with your skating trip.

Spovak ‘13

The prototype of the skates with this innovative click-on mechanism was recently presented by our client, Nooitgedagt, at the ‘Skating and Skates’ purchasing trade fair Spovak ’13. The ease and comfort of this innovation evoked enthusiastic reactions from the dealers: ‘why hasn’t something so simple been thought of and made before?’  Entrepreneur Wim van Soest (Nooitgedagt) asked himself the same thing, and shortly afterwards he knocked on Spark’s door to see if this dream could be made into a reality.

Skating dream
Van Soest bought the traditional Frisian skating brand Nooitgedagt, which has existed since 1865. With the dream of ‘getting on the ice quickly and easily’, he turned to Spark, recommended by contacts from his network, as a result of our good reputation for turning dreams into reality in an innovative way. Spark conceived the click system ‘from scratch’, developed the mechanism and functionality and gave advice about the branding. This resulted in a patent-worthy product that is not only technologically advanced and elegant, but is also commercially viable. This gives Nooitgedagt a real distinction in the niche skating market.

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