Sales of Optelec Compact 7 HD exceed expectations

Sales of Optelec Compact 7 HD exceed expectations

Optelec introduced the Optelec Compact 7 HD in October; a portable electronic magnifier for home, the office or for school. The Compact 7 HD makes daily activities such as reading the newspaper or looking at photos more comfortable and less location dependent.

December 19, 2012

Unique magnifier

Sales of this unique handheld magnifier for the visually impaired have exceeded expectations. Both dealers and users are very enthusiastic about the product. In particular, the screen size, the ergonomic use and its compactness received positive responses. A magnifier such as the Compact 7 HD has an enormous impact on the quality of life of the partially sighted, because it makes optimal use of the users residual sight.

New product category
With the 7 HD, Spark, together with Optelec, has created a surprising new archetype. Spark has shown that there is space within the existing product category of portable electronic magnifiers for the development of a modern device that is both user-friendly and ergonomic: the Compact 7 HD has by far the largest screen yet in this product category, it is intuitive to operate, and the product is just as easy to use at the office, at school or on holiday as it is at home.

Ergonomic and user-friendly
The styling fits perfectly within Optelec’s Compact product range. The product looks modern and sleek and, in addition, it is simple and intuitive to operate. The function buttons ensure that the reading position, brightness and other options are easy to set. After a press of the ‘unlock’ button, the user can start reading immediately. The magnifier folds open smoothly and the screen tilts towards the user for a comfortable, ergonomic and stable reading position.

Large screen and still compact

The Compact 7 HD has a high resolution screen with the largest diagonal screen size of all the Compact products, which allows for the reading of more words per line. The wide screen offers the user more overview and insight into the sentence context in comparison to previous products. Yet the apparatus remains light and portable thanks to the use of high quality plastic and thin aluminium.

Razor sharp
The device has a high resolution camera with optical zoom for optimal picture quality. The infinitely adjustable optical magnification, from 2 x to 24 x, means that small details on photos can be displayed in super sharp quality, even at a high magnification. Patented LED-lighting prevents the LEDs from reflecting in the screen, which improves the user experience. This also makes it possible to read glossy magazines.

As a result of the large battery capacity and the smart energy saving electronics, the Compact 7 HD can be used for long periods.

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