Car seatbelt-opener on the market in 2009

November 6, 2008

Seatbelt-opener PietjeBelt, the product idea with which Cees Stam and Spark won ‘the Best Idea in Holland’ last year, will be available in the shops soon.

Presenter Tooske Ragas revealed the good news last Saturday during the final broadcast of ‘the Best Idea in Holland 2008’ on SBS6.

Cees Stam came up with the concept of PietjeBelt: a seatbelt that springs open if it comes into contact with water. Spark’s designers have spent the last year developing this product idea. The result: a new car seatbelt-opener, a separate click-on product, which can be mounted simply on virtually all existing seatbelts. During the development phase the reliability of the product was paramount. 


Presenter takes to the water

The product was shown to work perfectly in the broadcast last Saturday. Presenter Henkjan Smits and the head of the jury Bernd Schneider drove into the water together in a car that had been fitted with a PietjeBelt. The pair's rapid escape was proof enough that the product is ready for the market.

In fact the product worked a little too well during recording. The belt sprang open so quickly that the camera man didn't manage to film it first time around. Intervention by Spark engineers solved this problem too...

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