Spark is a ‘New Hero’ in 2015

Spark is a ‘New Hero’ in 2015

We have been nominated for New Heroes 2015! New Heroes are "the innovators and drivers in industry." This is VNO-NCW West’s way of providing a platform for entrepreneurs to inspire others.

April 16, 2015

All 10 nominees were announced at the Kunsthal Rotterdam last Wednesday. We had some great feedback on Spark’s presentation:

"This potential winner of the ‘New Heroes 2015’ prize is a great innovation ambassador, not only for VNO-NCW Rotterdam, but also for the Dutch economy. [Spark] is an example of entrepreneurship, risk-taking and persistence - an icon for start-ups, innovators and students."

Throughout the year, all the nominees will have to make a presentation to the jury. The best 3 will be selected for the finals. The winner, chosen by the jury composed of CEOs and top managers, headed by Diederik van Dommelen, will be announced on 8 December.