The designer's favourite: OXO measuring cup

The designer's favourite: OXO measuring cup

Past editions of our recurring item The Designer’s Favourite featured products that are the culmination of years or even decades of technological evolution: a motorcycle, a fighter planes and iPod... This edition of The Designer’s Favourite supports the notion that technology is a means to an end not necessarily always at the essence of great design.

November 16, 2020

Added usability

Because in refreshing contrast with the past editions, this edition features a simple measuring cup, developed and made by OXO and nominated by Ruud Schatorjé, Industrial Design Engineer at Spark. He explains the appeal of the cup: “It’s about the added usability. With this cup, you can read the scale while standing up, even while filling it if you go easy. No need to awkwardly tilt or bend down or anything.”  





So much with so little 

Ok, so it’s handy. But where is the spectacle? Where is the oomph? Where are the little knobs and blinking lights? Ruud cannot be swayed. “Sure, complex solutions can be very appealing as well. But what I like about this cup is that by good design, the usability of an ordinary measuring cup has gotten a tremendous boost without really adding extra costs or complexity. No additional parts had to be added, no compromises on usability had to be made. Just by changing your perspective, by thinking on it for a bit longer, you win so much with so little. It’s just very well thought through.”

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