Tineke Schouten loves HENK

Tineke Schouten loves HENK

Tineke Schouten is over the moon. Her newest addition is HENK, the high-end suitcase designed by Spark. Much to Spark’s surprise, Tineke was shown with her fuchsia pink HENK on the promotion posters for her show LOL Inclusive. The show could be seen throughout theNetherlands in the Spring of 2012.

July 1, 2012

Ground-breaking case 

Before HENK arrived at Spark, it had already been on quite a journey. Offices in California and Germany came up with the basic idea. Spark made that idea a reality. This was certainly not easy, because HENK isn’t just any old case. HENK is ground-breaking in terms of technology and design. Want to know more about HENK? Take a look at project HENK.

See also: www.henk.com and www.musicals.nl/tineke-schouten.