Xposer innovative image suspension system in the limelight

September 30, 2011

It now hangs beside the GIO Award: the official certificate that conclusively proves that the Xpozer system from Xpozer and Spark has won a Red Dot Design Award. Unfortunately, the certificate is just a little bit too small to be framed in the award-winning suspension system, says Ivan van der Veld of Xpozer. ‘But we are going to think of a solution for this!'.

The Delft techno-starter entered the market in January with the system that hangs large-format images without a visible frame. Since then, things have moved fast. By the middle of August, several thousand suspension systems had been sold. In addition, investors and entrepreneurs have made it clear they want Xposer as an extra product in their portfolio.

Recently, a deal was closed with a large Dolphinarium in Curaçao. Holidaymakers can have their photo taken with a dolphin, and the Xposer images will be waiting for them by the time they get home. There is also a collaboration with a large furniture chain in the pipeline. The idea is that visitors to the furniture mall can see the Xposer photos hanging up with sofas in a living room context. The eye-catching images will have a big impact hanging above the furniture.

What's more, Xposer now has ambitions on the home decoration market. Currently, seven professional photographers are travelling the world taking photographs of incredible sights. These photos will be framed using the Xposer and will be used as decoration, according to Van der Veld. ‘There is a big demand for beautiful, sharp photographs of, for example, landscapes and monuments'.

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