Awarded product
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  • iF Design AwardiF Design Award
Open and protective bike locker

Open and protective bike locker

The award-winning SecuBike combines ease of use and security. The rounded roof means it repels dirt, leaves and water. The locker is simple to open and vandal resistant.

Optimal protection

BCycle signalled the need for smart and secure bike storage in municipalities and at companies. They asked us to design this and ensure a robust, compact, maintenance- and user-friendly product.

Light and airy

We combined a robust steel construction with open sides. This gives SecuBike a friendly and transparent character. The main shape is consistent with the shape of cars, so that the SecuBike fits into the streetscape. It offers a compact solution for the storage of 5 bicycles. And, it can be installed on half a parking space.

Clean streets

Leaves and water run off the roof thanks to the vertically-curved corrigated iron. A special manufacturing process had to be found to achieve this. SecuBike stands on legs so that dirt can’t accumulate underneath the bike locker.

Simple to open

The lock on the SecuBike is linked to a chip reader. This means the locker can be opened with a key or public transport smart card. The roof of the bike locker pops up on opening; this creates lots of headroom so you can easily reach your bike. Using cleverly chosen pivots and a spring system the locker opens effortlessly.