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FOCUS-ON:  a first for the process industry

FOCUS-ON: a first for the process industry

Two large German family businesses, Samson and Krohne, joined forces in a new, innovative company. In addition to the exterior design and part of the industrial design of its first product, Spark was also responsible for the development of the brand identity for FOCUS-ON.

Industry 4.0

Krohne's expertise in flow metering combined with Samson's strength in valve technology brought the new joint company to a world first: an industrial valve for fluid control that operates and communicates completely autonomously. “In other words: Industry 4.0. You could describe it as the internet of things for the process industry.” says Maarten Wilming, account manager at Spark. He continues: "It was up to us to give that innovation a shape."

The spectacular exterior design of the smart valve does justice to the innovative power it represents. However, it may draw attention away from two other Spark specialties that characterize the design: Wilming: “Our know-how and experience in designing for explosion hazardous environments was essential. In addition, applying our integrated design approach we didn’t design just a valve, but rather a system-- a design that can be scaled up to develop new models in the same product line without having to reinvent the wheel.”

Brand development

Synchronous to the smart autonomous valve design, Spark also worked on the development of the FOCUS-ON brand. Defining the brand’s key message at an early stage made for informed choices in the design process and created synergy between the various brand expressions.

Brand innovator Diederik Augustijn explains Spark's approach: “In-depth interviews with people in this specialist market and with the founders of FOCUS-ON at the start of the project were crucial for the direction of the brand. Years of expertise, technological developments, market opportunities, an enormous drive and a vision for the future have all come together in the FOCUS-ON brand. In a very direct collaboration, we then designed the logo and corporate identity and captured everything - together with the story behind the brand - in the FOCUS-ON brand book. This way you ensure that future expressions continue to add to the strength of the brand.”


FOCUS-ON makes a technically sophisticated product for use in heavy industry processes. That duality is reflected in the elements of the corporate identity, says Augustijn: “You can stamp the logo on your product just like that. Bam! It is simple and clear. But the graph also gives it a sophisticated and advanced allure. The same goes for the step in the line element. It symbolizes an on/off signal referring to FOCUS-ON's expertise in smart technology and Industry 4.0.”

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