Murray: EQ Lawnmower

Murray: EQ Lawnmower

As part of the repositioning of the Murray product line, Briggs & Stratton asked us to come up with a design for a walk-behind mower. This involved translating the Murray brand DNA into the appropriate design language. Our input gave focus to the development of the ‘EQ Walk-Behind Mower’ line.

Enhanced branding 

With the tagline ‘The new green thinking’, Murray focuses on the modern user who attaches importance to reliable and accessible products. We expressed these core values in our design through clear shapes and functional colour use, which enhanced the branding and ensures recognition among the target group.

Innovation process

Spark designer Diederik Augustijn: “We’ve put a spot on the horizon with our brand-driven innovation process. Briggs & Stratton has evolved, with a clear goal in mind. This led to a successful market introduction of the EQ Walk-Behind Mowers.”

The product line 

Augustijn continues: “we’ve been working together with Briggs & Stratton for 9 years, among others with the engines division that is based in Switzerland. This project led to a beautiful line of lawnmowers that exude the Murray DNA." We are really proud of the result. You can see the whole product line on the website of Murray.