Carkoon: ultimate in-car safety seat

Carkoon: ultimate in-car safety seat

In-car child safety has greatly improved over the last decades. Child restraint systems now provide both frontal and side impact protection in case of a car crash. And a current trend is rear-facing seats for the 1 to 4 year old, reducing injuries in a car crash even further.

All existing products focus on the impact itself and body's movement and decelleration. There is, however, more we can do to keep our kids safe.


Spark is now developing for Carkoon, together with experts from throughout Europe, a whole new dimension in child restraint systems. We do this by rethinking the way a child seat works, from the moment the child is put inside the car and is taken out again. Our perspective is clearly broader than a possible collision. We see danger where others do not and we find ways of protection.


An important part the project is the development of cutting-edge airbag technology to create a protective cocoon around the child. Why? Especially rear-facing children are vulnerable to objects and debris flying through the car in case of an accident and a cocoon can protect the child against lethal projectiles.