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ClearView+ optical digital reading aid

ClearView+ optical digital reading aid

The ClearView+ is a video magnifier system for the visually impaired. Sparks’ design for Optelec is a model of innovation.


The ClearView+ is a fully customisable product. It consists of several discrete parts: screen, lighting, camera and electronics. Each part is modular. The user can completely tailor the product for his individual needs. Simply click the parts together and hey, presto!

Clear interface

The magnifier is extremely easy to use. The one-button control system allows you to zoom in and out with a simple turn of the knob. A panel conceals all other controls.

The TFT-monitor can be tilted downwards with a simple movement, making the distance between hands and viewing angle small allowing for good hand-eye co-ordination.

Low and restrained

The unusually low reading platform feels stable, glides smoothly and includes an electric brake. These features and more make ClearView+ the market leader.