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ZiuZ – Care with a keen eye

ZiuZ – Care with a keen eye

A patient should be able to rely on the appropriate contents and description of pre-packaged medicine pouches. In order to control this process digitally, we developed IRIS with ZiuZ Medical.

From Big to Small

Precursors to IRIS are comparatively large and relatively expensive to purchase and maintain. In the development of IRIS, the focus was on creating a smaller, lighter scanner.

“IRIS carves out a new market segment. This makes it difficult to estimate sales figures. For this reason, we focused on small series production. In terms of maintenance, the starting point was that the wear & tear parts and the electronics can be easily replaced. Therefore, the product is modular and can be assembled rapidly. In close collaboration with soft- and hardware developers, we sought out the best solutions in the areas of: technology, usability, purchase price and the look & feel. The challenge was to get the maximum out of the other stakeholders and to find space for innovation within their areas of expertise.” - Koos Munneke

Fast & Reliable

Pharmacists and small hospitals can prepare and dispense automatically and much faster with IRIS. With our knowledge of available technologies and experience of optics, we have achieved a compact and low maintenance product that is reliable and low cost.

Dick Bloemhof from Nij Smellinge – Hospital pharmacist and co-developer of IRIS: “Thanks to IRIS, our attention can shift to advice and quality assurance: exactly what our profession should be about. Now we are in a better position to give patients their medication quickly, reliably and at the appropriate time.’


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