Crococart amphibious vehicle for funparks

Crococart amphibious vehicle for funparks

The Crococart was introduced in 2002 as an amphibious vehicle for children aged 6 to 12 years: an electric powered three-wheeler fit for land and on water and ideal for use in amusement parks.


We developed the Crococart in collaboration with our partners in Fun United Netherlands BV: a partnership of companies that developed recreational concepts for – amongst others – amusement parks. In the same fashion we seek ways to connect and collaborate today, Spark was a founder and shareholder in the venture.

In this specific project we also took on the project management duties. We orchestrated the development and saw to it that there were clear lines of communication. We were also responsible for sourcing funding and applying for subsidies, as well as taking care of testing and passing for quality marks, manufacturing and sourcing distribution channels.

Although the Crococart is no longer in production, it remains an inseparable part of our history and a fun showpiece in our repertoire.