DENSsolutions: interface of Impulse

DENSsolutions: interface of Impulse

“What we at Spark think about things is certainly not sacred. But within our areas of expertise we can always justify why something is a good choice or not.” Carlo den Dekker, UX-designer at Spark, explains how a client can be helped with structure and a well-substantiated ‘second opinion’.

It concerns DENSsolutions: developer and producer of solutions that allow researchers with electronic microscopes to see in real time how substances react to heating, electrical charges, and other stimuli. Managing and registering all the stimuli and reactions properly sometimes requires five different software programs at the same time. Each with their own interface and idiosyncracies. That’s why DENSsolutions decided to develop one solution to replace all five: Impulse.

Justifying choices

A lot will be expected of the Impulse interface: simultaneous management and registration,  everything at your fingertips, rapid and intuitive switching … Due to the multitude of demands on the one hand, and the infinite possibilities on the other, this kind of design process scan soon become bogged down in too many options and too few choices. Carlo: “That’s why we were called in. We have the experience and expertise to progress these kinds of processes efficiently and in a structured way.”  

Carlo helped to keep the process on schedule, in particular by listening and talking. “My primary task was consultation: assessing, justifying, and formalizing choices, together with the DENSsolutions designer, so that we could keep moving forward. In addition, I recorded the design in a manual for software developers, who can use it to implement current and future versions of the system. From line spacing and font- and colour use to how, for example, pop-ups react to user actions. It’s all in there.”

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