Designed for children, to the millimetre

Designed for children, to the millimetre

Waking up your sick child to take their temperature while sleep is the best medicine… The irony is not lost on Brazil’s Biônica and they’ve decided to do something. And Spark can help.

Scary medical device

Biônica is a start-up in the application of I.O.T. (Internet of Things) principles in the medical sector and has devised a child-friendly thermometer: one that is worn under around the arm, under the armpit, and keeps parents informed via Wi-Fi. Hugo Honijk from Spark: “Biônica already had the idea and the necessary micro-electronics. They asked us to help with the development and design.”

Honijk continues: “We designed the IOTHERM – as it is called – to the millimetre. It’s for children, so it had to be a toy, a friend instead of a scary medical device. That’s why we made it as small as possible and you can personalize it with stickers and different straps.”


The convergence of form and function led to them reinforcing each other, one of the advantages of an integrated design approach. Honijk: “We decided to switch from charging with a USB cable to wireless charging with induction. That way, the casing could be even smaller and there was no longer a gaping hole that allowed dirt and water to get in.” The fact that there’s a docking station for charging the thermometer is no problem. Quite the opposite. After all, it’s not just any container that you’re putting the thermometer in, explains Honijk. “It is a little bed that it goes to sleep in. In this way, you’re responding tot he child’s experience. As a result, the whole thing – which we also designed the packaging for – is really sellable. The profile of the docking station underneath is even made so it fits onto Lego® bricks.”