Outdoor fitness device

Outdoor fitness device

Devised by skater Robbert Boekema and his mother Ans Schut, Olympic skating champion in 1968. They were looking for a way to do cardio and strength training outdoors and found unexpected inspiration during their skiing holiday: the retractable ski pass holder. This is translated into the Disq: a flexible fitness device.

Versatile training

A strap fixes the Disqs to the hips and these are connected to the ankle bands and a part that you hold in your hand. The level of training intensity is set by adjusting the resistance. You can do many different types of fitness exercises. Indoors or outdoors; train wherever you want.

Flexible hinge

Disq came to us looking for a mechanism that would not restrict the movements of the exerciser. We designed a hinge on the ankle strap. This connection point must be flexible and be able to move in all directions, absorbing varying loads and it must be silent. We achieved this by combining a spring and a pulley. The design of the hinge fits seamlessly with the professional look of the Disqs.

Optimising heat dispersal

Another challenging aspect was finding a way to disperse the heat from the Disq. Due to the resistance and the rapid rotation in the system, the Disq heats up and this can result in wear and tear. On the basis of heat simulations, we optimised the design and the materials used on the inside of the Disq. The air flow is now faster, the heat dissipation better and, as a result, the product life of the Disq is longer.


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