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Kalfire E-one: 100% fire, 0% emission

Kalfire E-one: 100% fire, 0% emission

To start off with a spoiler: the E-one emission-free decorative fireplace from Kalfire uses neither gas nor fire. Groundbreaking, patented technologies make the E-one the first, truly realistic alternative to the conventional gas fireplace, with a virtual flame that cannot be distinguished from the real thing.

Multidisciplinary strength

Kalfire is an established name in high-quality, design fireplaces and on a mission to bring people in every home together around the fireplace. In order to accommodate smaller, well-insulated homes without a flue, they asked Spark to help develop the zero-emission fireplace. Michel van Schie, project leader at Spark: “After exploring a number of methods, we arrived at projection. Despite initial doubts, we decided to go for it.”

Successfully, it should be noted, thanks in part to Spark's multidisciplinary strength. Van Schie: “This project is a showcase for our expertise in various disciplines such as concept design, mechanics, electronics, software, video and - not to forget - intellectual property. For instance, we also helped Kalfire with the patent strategy and several technologies used in the E-one have now been patented.”

Great heights

As is often the case, the E-one’s success is a combination of factors, starting with Kalfire's vision and market knowledge and Spark's expertise. But Van Schie identifies another important factor: “The collaboration. Encouraged by our accomplishments, Kalfire kept raising the bar again and again. That’s how we managed to push each other to great heights.”

The end result is a perfect illusion. A design fireplace, equipped with adjustable heating and with subtle sound effects perfectly matched to nonexistent flames. Van Schie: “You know you are looking at a hologram and not at an actual flame. But after a minute or so, your brain tells you: that’s a genuine fire crackling over there. It just makes you happy.”

Fire experience

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