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Star-series: fall protection system with quick response

Star-series: fall protection system with quick response

What do you do when the producer of a product that you sell quits? Find another product or produce it in-house. HONOR Safety & Consultancy chose the latter. They saw it as a chance to renew their range of fall prevention devices.

Designing with experience

HONOR provides products, training and advice in the area of safety and has a range of fall prevention devices. As a result of years of experience with this type of product, HONOR knows exactly which elements are crucial for a good and safe product. This gave them the opportunity to bring their own, highly competitive product family onto the market: the Star Series. HONOR asked us to consult with them on the design.

Unique selling points

The cover plate is now simple to change when swapping brake modules. The device housing, the cable and the spring remain in place when changing these modules. This ensures that during maintenance and the annual inspection the product isn’t out of use; the module is quickly replaced in situ and the old module can be taken away for repair or inspection. The module can also easily be replaced by modules with or without hoist or automatic descender.

Quick response

Another important aspect has been improved for the user: the device begins to brake earlier; this means the rate of fall remains low and the user stops quicker.This is particularly crucial when working at relatively low heights.


De Star Series won a GIO Award.