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Felix Pro: Full 3D-printing

Felix Pro: Full 3D-printing

The market for 3D-printers is flooded with providers. How, then, do you develop a distinctive model? And, how do you deal with a market with a target group that ranges from hobbyist to professional?

A strong foundation

Felix 2 and 3 were successful forerunners. In order to ensure a strong follow-up, Felix turned to Spark for the development of the Pro. Together, we identified the most important values as the basis for the development of the structure, features and design of the Felix Pro.

“The initial hype around 3D printing is over. The market is shifting from self-building hobbyists to a greater need for professional quality and convenience,” says Michel van Schie.

From then to now

Modularity and upgradeability are core values of the Felix 2 and 3 and give the user the freedom to add elements. We absolutely wanted to preserve this, but also improve it with the Pro 1.

The concealed wiring in the extrusion profiles and the integration of the electronics ensure an accessible design. A clever touch: the tilting and removable print bed. The printer can be shipped compactly, you can get closer to the piece you are working on and, if necessary, continue with another print bed.

The Felix Pro 1 has several distinctive features. Walter van Tuijl: “The new Felix includes a unique auto-levelling mechanism. This, together with the retractable dual-printhead makes the Felix Pro 1 the new standard in the market.”