Foldable Road Sign: the sign on the road

Foldable Road Sign: the sign on the road

Emergency services can get to work faster thanks to Foldable Road Sign. SAC Sabah Al-Ahmed Center (part of KFAS) asked us to improve their patented product idea. The result: a lightweight, quick-to-set-up, and fully foldable traffic sign. Clarity for road users at a glance.

Saving time for emergency services

No target group was specified in the patent. It was our job to make this clear. The design of a product is always guided by the users who it is intended for. In this case, the emergency services appeared to be the most important target group. Foldable Road Sign saves them time, which means that road users in need of assistance can be helped faster.

Innovative combination

An innovative combination of technologies makes Foldable Road Sign unique on the market. We came up with a sign made of reflective canvas, with a lightweight, flexible edge. This made it easier to integrate LED lighting for visibility at night. We replaced the hinged legs from the patent with a telescopic tripod, so that the traffic sign can be set up quickly.

Lightweight and stable 

Strong wind, passing traffic; Foldable Road Sign remains standing. The design in the patent would have needed to weigh 16 kg in order to guarantee this stability. Foldable Road Sign weighs only 4 kg. How is this possible? We extended the back leg of the tripod and lowered the overall height. Add the weight bag of only 2.5 kg and the traffic sign isn’t going anywhere.

Bigger picture

We’re working on several patents for the SAC. The intuitive grenade-style foam extinguisher also originated from this collaboration.

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