Holmatro Personal Power Duo Pump

Holmatro Personal Power Duo Pump

The fire brigade uses hydraulic equipment for rescue operations. The Personal Power Duo Pump, by Holmatro, provides hydraulic power for two such tools simultaneously. Together we designed a new pump to fulfil the client’s brief for a more compact unit; our new design is light and surprisingly quiet.

3D Scan

The product is based on an electric generator from Honda. The electronic components were replaced with a hydraulic pump, within a new plastic housing. Naturally, it had to fit seamlessly to the reused orginal parts. This was complicated by an absence of technical drawings of the original design. But we are resourceful. By making a 3D scan of the motor housing we were able to render the exact shape.


We modified several parts of the design according Holmatro’s wishes, as well as making some new additions. For example we relocated the starter cord. Level glasses for oil and fuel were applied. And we added lights so that the couplers are visible in the dark. We retained some details of the original design and reincorporated them into the new front.

An impressive result: the Personal Power Duo Pump is one of a kind.