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iForks: wireless weighing system

iForks: wireless weighing system

iForks is a wireless weighing system for forklift trucks. External cabling is superfluous: the components are fully integrated into the forks. The measuring signal is wirelessly transmitted to the indicator in the cabin with Bluetooth. Ravas and Spark have developed a product that can be mounted on any forklift truck in a matter of minutes.


The beauty of iForks is not only in its quick installation. The lack of external cables also makes mobile weighing more robust, cheaper, and less prone to faults. Connectors are costly and cables frequently get damaged, even with expensive protective measures.

Rugged and robust

We are also sinking our teeth into the battery pack: an extremely robust system. The battery pack can be placed in and removed from the holder in one simple movement. The holder itself is fully integrated into the contour of the fork. We are also especially proud of the compact housing that encapsulates the electronics and the complete integration with the forks. Intensive testing shows that the weighing system is exceptionally shock- and moisture-resistant and can withstand the most rugged conditions.

Long-term collaboration

iForks is another successful result of the long-term collaboration between Ravas and Spark. In the past we have developed, among others, the mobile weighing indicato for hand pallet trucks. In 2010, iForks was winner of the FLTA Award 2010, a prestigious prize from the British Forklift Truck Association.