After a burglary, the stolen possessions are compensated for by insurance, but the feeling of being unsafe in the house remains. Alert4Home of insurance company Interpolis is an alarm system that brings back a sense of security thanks to its special feature: it enlists the help of the environment in the case of a possible burglary.

"I am on guard"

The Alert4Home alarm system is installed in the living room and gives residents the feeling of “I am on guard". As soon as the Alert4Home picks up signs of a burglary, the homeowner gets a call on his mobile phone. He can then listen in via the integrated microphone and decide whether or not to activate the alarm. Pre-selected individuals (for example, neighbours) then receive an SMS asking them to be extra vigilant, and to make a note of signs of suspicious persons. In this way, the burglary can be prevented, or solved faster.

Strong design, safe feel

The fresh colours, the iconic shape and the graphic design are a direct translation of the highly recognisable, clear house style of the client, Interpolis. For the design, we have focused on strengthening the feeling of security. The sober, dignified casing is inspired by old watchtowers. By producing the casing from only a few, simple components, we were able to keep costs low.

Fast first field test

We took care of the delivery of the first production series. As a result, we were able to achieve a series of complete products for field testing in a short period of time.