Mabuya Cash: POS system

Mabuya Cash: POS system

Following a change to legislation, Mabuya Software, a Brazilian software developer of payment systems, saw an opportunity to launch its own POS system. Mabuya is committed to integral design and so asked us to work with them on this project.

The result: the Mabuya Cash, a compact POS set-up with off-the-shelf components, all encased in an attractive housing.

Low-cost total solution

Due to new Brazilian regulations, checkout transactions are now transmitted, via the internet, to the inland revenue. Consequently, relatively expensive, accredited receipt printers are superfluous. The shop owner is now freer in his choice of payment system. Compared to conventional POS systems, the Mabuya Cash has a lower purchase price, takes up about 80% less space and has an attractive design.

Interface customization

In addition to the physical design, Spark has come up with the wireframes and graphic User Interface for the Mabuya Cash. A transition has been made from the existing Mabuya Software to a version that is optimized for use with a touch interface.

Small & big on features

The Mabuya Cash houses an 8” tablet, thermal receipt printer, barcode scanner, pin pad and induction charger. The pin pad communicates via Bluetooth, so it can still be used at checkout counters where the cashier is behind a glass wall - a typical situation in many Brazilian shops. This makes the Mabuya Cash ideal for wireless payment in the hospitality industry.