Mobile weighing unit for pallet trucks

Mobile weighing unit for pallet trucks

For Ravas, Spark developed a mobile weighing unit for pallet trucks. The client asked for a product that could be easily rebranded. Therefore we designed the unit in such a way that its identity may be changed with minimal investment using colour, graphics and labels. Now Ravas can customize the unit to fit their client’s brand identity.

The indicator has to be robust and durable. And look the part. So we went for a plastic housing. A surprising choice, considering the material’s contradictory image. It is a suitably strong material, but not always seen as such. One of the challenges was to overcome this prejudice through attractive design. A plastic unit that still has a robust look and feel.

The weighing indicator is easy to use thanks to several key features we added:

  • a replaceable battery
  • a matching mains recharger
  • a universal mounting piece for a variety of pallet trucks