Honeywell Enraf continued

Honeywell Enraf continued

Spark and Honeywell Enraf developed the Multi-stream explosion-proof control module as the final part of the Fusion4 product line. Using modular hardware and smart cable management, we achieved scaleable solutions for safer and more efficient loading and mixing of fuels and additives at refineries.

More for less

With six loading arms, the MSC-L gives, for example, fuel truck drivers the ability to do more with less. Richard Thompson, from Honeywell Enraf: “With the MSC-L you can work more accurately and control more flows than with any other controller, so you need fewer units. Thanks to the intuitive interface and display, the MSC-L offers more overview and control, which means the operator can work more efficiently.”

The challenge

An extensive iterative process took place prior to achieving this versatile and relatively compact product. Gerben: “The big challenge of the project: incorporating the cable management and the expandability of the modular hardware in a compact product. The puzzle of the wiring was resolved in close cooperation with Honeywell Enraf. By organizing the wiring directly in the controller’s casing, there’s no need for a separate junction box, a big advantage of the MSC-L.”

Sharing expertise and practice

Integrated design played an important role during this three-year-long project by Spark and Honeywell Enraf: especially the extensive adjustments made with testing institutes and producers. Gerben: “It’s not easy to develop a successful product that offers scaleable solutions to the market and complies with global explosion safety requirements of ATEX, IECEx, FM and CSA. We’ve developed an aluminium casing that can contain internal gas explosions. And which complies with the requirements for protection type ‘D’ (flameproof enclosure) in NEN-60079.”