Trick of the light

Trick of the light

You can already see Van Lien’s new emergency lighting units NEL3 at several locations in Germany. Spark developed the starter model for ABB Germany in collaboration with the Dutch manufacturer. Wichert Put: “It’s an unremarkable product, but it features a remarkable number of tricks given its low cost.”

‘True innovation’

Van Lien chose Spark because the company was looking for ‘real innovation’. “If you want to combine lots of practical advantages with an attractive design, it’s smart to develop a product like this together,” says Put. It was a successful mission, because the NEL3, as the product is officially called, was received positively by the market.

Ultra-thin adhesive film

We were able to keep the initial costs low in a number of ways. For example, by integrating the casing parts and by putting the pictogram on ultra-thin adhesive film. “When you use thin stickers, you usually get air bubbles in the paste, but not with this product, because we gave the plastic a grooved structure,” Put told us.

Installed in a jiffy

Customers of this innovation save on installation time, because the NEL3 hangs simply on the ceiling or on the wall.


The product is meant for the German market and so has been given an appropriate design. “Homogenous illumination of the pictogram is important: For this reason, the translucent plastic isn’t a level plane, but bends light inwards. But on the outside there’s solid, angular casing. It radiates Gründlichkeit and it’s really catching on.”