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NOVUM-XV: An honorable Farewell

NOVUM-XV: An honorable Farewell

The NOVUM-XV burial apparatus from HONOR Piëteitstechniek ensures that an event as sensitive as a funeral runs smoothly. We integrated the technical functions invisibly in the design, so that the emphasis is on the ceremony, and the bereaved can say goodbye in a personal way.

Loved ones closer 

We made the burial apparatus higher than traditional grave lifts, which gives those present a better view of the coffin – and also brings the deceased closer. The device is also more ergonomic: bearers no longer have to stoop to carry the coffin from the bier to the grave.


It is important that during the lowering of the coffin nothing distracts from the ceremony. We therefore ensured that the burial apparatus looks nothing like a piece of equipment, but it has the necessary functionality. For example, it is possible to bury coffins of diverse sizes and the apparatus can be disassembled for transport.


Along with the burial apparatus, there is the NOVUM bier, which is used to show the coffin and to move it to the grave at the cemetery. The bier is equipped with electric height and tilt adjustment, which also reduces the load on the bearers in this regard.  

Integral design

Both systems are an integral design: the aluminium profiles offer reliability, disguise the mechanical parts, and exude elegance. In addition, a skirt with self-chosen design can also be fitted to the apparatus, which makes the ceremony extra personal. 


The series of burial products is completed with a lectern. HONOR asked us to integrate a screen into the design, which contributes to the atmosphere during the farewell.

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