Outboard engine lock

Outboard engine lock

It is very difficult to secure an outboard engine against theft. Together with Stazo Marine Equipment we accepted the challenge to come up with an effective lock. A lock which is not only safe but also a nifty attribute to the vessel. How did we go about?how did

Ingenious locking

The solution was  to boil this question down to one key issue: how can you lock at least one of the spindles on the engine mounting? Using this as a starting point several directions were explored, resulting in a twofold test. Simple models proved a very practical way to test the functionality of the concept on the one hand. On the other hand steel prototypes were used to test the mechanical properties.

Trustworthy lock

The end result was surprisingly simple. Made from stainless steel and TNO approved, its robust appearance appealed strongly to the target group. A series of look & feel designs based on the new locking mechanism was developed, so that several brands could market the new system fitting their own identity.