Pentheon: tools of the future

Pentheon: tools of the future

Holmatro's tools enable rescue workers to free people trapped in car wrecks. The new Pentheon series has a new drive mechanism, better battery management, an updated design and a carrying grip that can be justly called an innovation from several perspectives. Spark contributed considerably, most notably in the design and grip.

Smart innovations   

The batteries are interchangeable and can be charged on the tool, always ready for action. The concept development for this feature started a few years ago with an in-depth strategic development and consulting process to outline the future of battery-powered tools. Maarten Wilming, partner at Spark: “In several teams with people from Spark and Holmatro, we explored smart innovations and worked on a new proposition for these tools. This gave rise to ideas like a new feature that allows the user to read diagnostic information from the tool.”

A first

The new carrying grip on the Pentheon models betrays Spark's multidisciplinary strength in materials science, manufacturing, design and usability. The grip is made from plastic by way of gas injection molding; a first for this type of product and the sector. This makes it lighter, able to bend and rebound when used in tight spaces and more cost-effective to produce. In addition, the grip has a third support for stability. Wilming: “At first, that appeared to become a problem. It was expected to be impractical in use. But during usability tests, that third spoke turned out to only have advantages instead.”


In parallel with the technical development, the new design for the Pentheon series was created. Spark designer Diederik Augustijn: “The challenge was to empower the rescue worker with something that radiates its essence: an effective and strong tool. To achieve this, the design has a clear overall layout with powerful details. These highlight the tools’ purpose and innovative properties.”

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