Success continued with style

Success continued with style

Van Lien’s emergency lighting portfolio has been expanded. The entry level model by the Swiss parent company ABB is sold widely and now we’ve been asked to expand the portfolio. “This new model is in a higher segment, while the cost price is still distinctively low.”

Multiple challenges

Wichert Put says: “The assignment was to design emergency lighting with a high-end look and using a Perspex plate for the base of the construction. What’s more, installation had to be as easy and quick as possible.”

Exclusive details

Taking on board all the wishes of the client, Spark got to work and came up with a fresh product, the Pharos. Put: “The part that has the electronics in it has a semi-transparent central stripe. You can see the lighting extending to the ceiling. An exclusive detail that distinguishes the Pharos aesthetically.

Clamping structure

The pictogram can be fixed without tools or extra parts. You simply click the two halves of the product against each other and everything is clamped together. The pictogram on the Perspex plate is then illuminated from above.


The electronics were developed by Van Lien at the same time as we designed the casing. We regularly got around the table to discuss the possibilities and the challenges. And that delivers something that makes the difference.