Robust design for Stentor

Robust design for Stentor

Acoustic hailing devices are next-level megaphones. The ones made by newcomer Stentor are of exceptional quality and ensure that at large public events one not only hears that something is being said, but also what is being said. Even over long distances. Spark helped Stentor shape their brand and bring the industrial design of their products from draft to production.

Robust and portable

“The riot police should be able to use these hailing devices during riots and the like. So the housing has to be robust and portable.” says Koos Munneke, Spark's project leader. “That is why we opted for an open frame of hollow tubes and round corners. The base of lightweight perforated plate ensures that the battery is easily accessible and can be fixed in place immediately. Due to the round corners, the absence of protruding elements and the sophisticated placement of the handle, it is comfortably carried along the leg. Thanks to cooling ribs around the driver coil, the megaphone can perform at 400% for a short time.”

Visual brand identity

The brand name Stentor was an idea of the company itself. Spark came up with the pay-off Loud & Clear and designed the logo tohether with a visual language that matches the look and purpose of the products. Munneke elaborates: “That means the complete visual brand identity, including the design of the website and business cards and a brief manual on the use of the logo, colors, fonts and the like. Just like the industrial design part of the project, we used a pragmatic approach with short cycle times. This was made possible by the good cooperation that we had: with a clear division of responsibilities and clear agreements.”